Products reinforced by TeXtreme® gets 20% lighter than when using other carbon fiber materials and reduces weight without sacrificing strength or stiffness. This gives you a superior product that will help you perform better, enjoy!



Here we will list the most common products reinforced by TeXtreme®.

Formula 1

The Formula 1 cars are skilled user in carbon fiber materials and they are on a constant hunt for the best materials available. This is one of the reasons a majority of all Formula 1 teams have been using TeXtreme® since 2008. The usage of TeXtreme® carbon fabrics in bodywork applications have led to winning the team and driver championships.

Americas Cup

The most extreme sailing race there is and which is sometimes called the F1 on water. TeXtreme® was successfully used by the winning the team in the 34th Americas Cup competition and are looking to make a mark also for the coming races in future. Boats built with TeXtreme® get crucial benefits such as weight savings and a superior surface on the parts.


The usage of TeXtreme® by the teams in the NASCAR Sprint Cup has led to winning Daytona 500 and a large number of other races. Found in all the different car manufacturers in the series TeXtreme® contributes with saved weight on parts like bumpers and hoods.


By using TeXtreme® when making motorcycle helmets you get light and strong shells. The unique characteristics of the TeXtreme® material made it possible to reduce 1/5 of the weight and still have the same high level of performance.

Ice Hockey

More than half of all NHL athletes are playing with sticks reinforced by TeXtreme® and several key moments leading to World Cup gold medals and Stanley Cup victories have been made by players using ice hockey sticks utilizing the TeXtreme® Technology. Feedback from the athletes saying they are improving their game is the best reference about the influence of the sticks.


TeXtreme® is used by a broad range of bike brands and in a variety of different products such as frames, forks, disc wheels and handlebars. With use of TeXtreme® Technology  brands have been able to reduce weight with maintained stiffness, increasing stiffness with maintained weight, or in some cases reduced weight and increased stiffness on their MTB and road products.


The racquets features the addition of TeXtreme® Spread Tow fabrics which are created with a thinner structure and straighter carbon fibers to create a composite material that is 20% lighter in weight with improved stiffness. Applying TeXtreme® in the shaft and lower hoop with a 45˚ orientation, racquet twisting is reduced by 25% without increased weight.

Table Tennis

TeXtreme® is the next generation of carbon fiber material in the sporting goods industry. Companies utilizing the TeXtreme® Technology achieve better properties on weight, stiffness, strength, etc. compared to those using other carbon fiber materials. By using TeXtreme® the blade gets a larger maximum sweet spot.


The worlds lightest golf shaft is of course reinforced by TeXtreme®, weighing in at 39 grams. There is a range of different shaft models on the market using TeXtreme®, all with great properties on weight and performance as well as a proven track record on the different tours. 

TeXtreme® is also helping with unique weight savings in driver heads and woods. When relaunching the King brand, Cobra Puma Golf turned to TeXtreme® to enable weight savings and to place weight at the right place in their new King Ltd line.


TeXtreme® has been used in different kind uf surf boards for several years. Different brands have boards on the market reinforced by TeXtreme® used for Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Stand-Up Paddle and surfing. In surf boards one can use an unbalanced variant of the TeXtreme® carbon fiber fabrics to create the right pop and feel and to allocate the strength where it is most needed.  

Field Hockey

Using TeXtreme® in field hockey sticks gives a number of mechanical benefits resulting in advantages for the users of the sticks. These advantages are allowing the players to place the swing weight exactly at a position which will help to play better. Sticks using TeXtreme® are lighter, stiffer and stronger.


Snowboards as many other sporting goods products need to balance as low weight as possible with as high performance as possible, in order to achievet hat using TeXtreme® is a safe way to meet the mechanical requirements and give the riders the best possible experience on the mountain.


World's lightest floorball stick is reinforced by TeXtreme®, weighing in at 183 grams. TeXtreme® carbon fiber reinforcements are a unique kind of composite reinforcement suitable when looking to reduce weight and improve mechanical properties. Many sports have seen the use of TeXtreme® make an immediate and dominant impact on both product performance and player performance. 

Rowing boats

From good teamwork, sweat and ultra light carbon fiber fabrics gold medals were won in the London Olympic games. TeXtreme® is used in rowing boats with athletes with the this kind of ambitions and desires. Also canoes, kayaks, paddles and products where TeXtreme® is making a difference. 


No matter if you´re going cross-country skiing or riding alpine skis, keep a look out for the TeXtreme® logo and unique fabric look to get skis made with the most high-tech carbon fiber material available. The world’s lightest Touring Ski is reinforced by TeXtreme® carbon fabrics, this with excellent performance in torsional stiffness. TeXtreme® is also used in ski helmets where its unique properties have helped create a racing helmet that uses TeXtreme® to create a lighter, stiffer, and stronger shell.


Positioned in the upper hoop of the racquet at the 10 and 2 o'clock positions of squash racquets, TeXtreme® reduces racquet head frame deformation. This results in superior torsional stability upon impact, creating a larger sweet spot for unparalleled power, response and accuracy for all squash players.