In the Industrial segment there are numerous applications where TeXtreme® can be used at its best.


Depending on the size of project we can optimize our current high-performance carbon reinforcement or further adopt the solution based on your needs through the TeXtreme® Industrial concept. 


In industrial applications there are many important factors to consider: energy savings, mechanical performance, process efficiency, weight savings, surface smoothness, etc. 


By choosing TeXtreme® you get the best available carbon reinforcement, aiding in optimizing these factors.



Carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) are getting more widely used in serially produced cars, important factors are good surface smoothness, low weight, a steady supply of carbon reinforcements, etc. TeXtreme® solves this by using large tows to produce Spread Tow fabrics.



Please feel free to contact us directly for a discussion on how we can assist you in meeting your challenges.

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Sales Manager Industrial
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The TeXtreme® Industrial concept is about combining superior performance with cost effective, yet tailored solutions for large volume industrial applications.

The flexibility in the technologies together with our knowledge in optimized TeXtreme® reinforcements and composites offer in many cases solutions that are not possible with conventional reinforcement technology.


Example benefits tooling:

  • Reduced total cost
  • Increased mechanical performance
  • Reduced need for backing structures
  • Reduced layup time
  • Improved surface finish (no print through)
  • Increased tool lifetime
  • Tighter dimensional tolerance (increased tool accuracy)
  • Reduced mass
  • Reduced cure cycle time