Within the Marine sector surface smoothness, reduced weight and improved stiffness are all important aspects of the composites parts.


No matter if you are in the Americas Cup or other competition, TeXtreme® will prove to be unsurpassed to other carbon reinforcements.



  • Post mold surface quality
  • Extreme weight savings
  • We work directly with end users to ensure the best possible result
  • Lead times
  • Optimized reinforcements
  • Available as a dry fabric and as prepreg through several suppliers

SALES Manager

Tomas Sjöö
Sales Manager Marine
+46 707 633 333


Customer testimonials

"With the huge time pressure our design department and builders are under during a competition like this, there is only so much time to evaluate new materials. That is why we were so pleased with TeXtreme® as it turned out to offer both the weight savings and performance we were looking for while at the same time being more process efficient. The flexibility in the material range also helped us optimise reinforcement for each specific application."

- Dirk Kramers, Head of Structures at ORACLE TEAM USA.