Sporting goods

Be it individual or team sports….On the land, in the air or on the water, TeXtreme® has the ability to take your sporting goods equipment to the next level.  Our customers have found that TeXtreme® allows them to achieve goals that were once thought unobtainable.


Capitalizing on the benefits of TeXtreme®, designers of the world’s top sports brands have been able to meet the needs of their target consumer while providing sales and marketing with a credible, quantifiable marketing story. 



  • Weight savings
  • Increased stifness
  • Increased strength
  • Technical story
  • Marketing support
  • Reduce manufacturing time


Next generation carbon fiber material

By replacing standard woven fabrics and/or uni-directional carbon fiber with TeXtreme® fabrics, R&D and design teams have been able to, on average, reduce weight by 20% thereby meeting their consumers’ demand for significantly lighter products without sacrificing feel or control.

We believe that there is no one standard solution to the needs of the sporting goods industry.  We strive to be a partner with our customers rather than simply a supplier.  We have found that having our engineers work closely with our customers’ technical teams enable us to provide a custom solution for each product.  



More than half of all NHL athletes are playing with sticks reinforced by TeXtreme® and several key moments leading to World Cup gold medals and Stanley Cup victories have been made by ice hockey sticks using the TeXtreme® Technology. This is the best reference about the influence of TeXtreme® in this applications, the athletes are improving their game.



The worlds lightest golf shaft is of course using the TeXtreme®, weighing in at 39 grams. There a range of different shaft models on the market reinforced by TeXtreme®, all with great properties on weight and performance.



TeXtreme® is used in windsurfing boards, kitesurfing boards, SUP boards and surf boards by brands spread out globally. They have in common the need to make lightweight boards that won´t compromise on performance and focus on giving the ultimate ride for the users.



Using TeXtreme® in field hockey sticks gives a number of mechanical benefits resulting in advantages for the users of the sticks. These advantages are allowing the players to place the swing weight exactly at a position which will help to play better. Sticks using TeXtreme® are lighter, stiffer and stronger.



No matter if you´re going cross-country skiing or riding alpine skis, keep a look out for TeXtreme® to get skis made with the most high-tech carbon fiber material available. The world’s largest Touring Ski is reinforced by TeXtreme® carbon fabrics, this with excellent performance in torsional stiffness.



Snowboards as many other sporting goods products need to balance as low weight as possible with as high performance as possible, in order to achieve that using TeXtreme® is a safe way to meet the that and give the riders the best possible experience on the mountain.



From good teamwork, sweat and ultra light carbon fiber fabrics gold medals were won in the London Olympic games. TeXtreme® is used in rowing boats with athletes with the this kind of ambitions and desires.

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Customer testimonials

"TeXtreme® has not only helped us make the sticks lighter it has also aided in improving the mechanical properties to provide better dynamic response, balance, and consistency that no other carbon fabric could do. TeXtreme® has been a valuable ingredient in giving players a higher performance stick, and giving us the extra technical and marketing value that is expected from a Bauer stick".

- Adam Gans, Director of Product Development for sticks at BAUER Hockey Inc.

"For the new Pro Star we wanted to take shell technology to the next level and by using the ultra-thin TeXtreme® carbon fiber material we managed to engineer our best shell ever. The unique characteristics of the TeXtreme® material enabled us to reduce 1/5 of the weight and still have the same high level of performance.”

- Chris Sackett, VP of Bell Powersports.

“Reducing weight while maintaining strength in very specific areas is critical to the performance of the KING LTD driver.  Using TeXtreme® in the crown reduced its total weight by 20% which is a significant amount of weight that has been relocated to make the club head much more efficient at impact.”

- Mike Yagley, Director Innovation & Research –Cobra Golf.

"By adding TeXtreme® to the frame of the racquet, we are able to provide superior torsional stability which results in increased power and control.  The optimal structure of the TeXtreme® carbon fiber material gives mechanical benefits without losing the material characteristics of the fiber for optimal performance.”

- Tyler Herring, Vice President Product & Marketing, Prince Global Sports.

“We’ve received great feedback from our international sponsor players. They were impressed by the great characteristics of the TeXtreme® sticks. We are very happy that we can now offer an innovative range of sticks that are extremely light, but still offer great stiffness. The best combination you can think of in hockey.”

- Joep Paumen, Brand Manager at Brabo Hockey.

"Fujikura enjoys a solid reputation for successfully applying advanced design, materials, and technology to our premium golf shafts. Oxeons TeXtreme® proved to be a perfect fit in our latest, ultra-light golf shaft, Blur.  Every golfer knows that a lighter shaft can improve club head speed to generate greater driving distances.  Unfortunately, as shafts become lighter, they typically become less stable and lack proper "feel". TeXtreme®’s Spread Tow structure giving incredibly low weight, and higher stiffness played a large role in resolving these issues for our design team.  Before TeXtreme®, there wasn't a woven material out there that could satisfy our weight and stiffness requirements for integration into an ultra-light shaft.  We worked closely with Oxeon throughout the design phase of Blur to optimize the TeXtreme® reinforcement for our specific application.  We employed this material at 45-degrees on the outer ply of Blur to "cage" the entire structure.  The addition of TeXtreme® enabled us to design a unique, ultra-light shaft with improved structural stability, reduced torsional deformation, and exceptionally solid feel.  TeXtreme®'s distinguished appearance on the Blur shaft is also a visible attention grabber.  We couldn't be more pleased by the reception Blur has received by PGA tour players and weekend warriors alike, and we look forward to working with Oxeon on our next advanced material projects".

- Alex Dee, Vice President at Fujikura Golf.

"Based on the experience with TeXtreme® collected in the past, we were able to combine ultra light weight with dynamic properties, while displaying the material used in transparent areas. We are extremely happy with the performance and the success on the market to date."

- Jerry Niedermeier, Product Manager at One Snowboards.

“TeXtreme® offers all the best properties of unidirectional carbon in a woven fabric that creates a lighter, stronger surfboard or paddleboard.  Our athletes have won race series championships the past three years in a row on our standup paddleboards made with TeXtreme®.”

- Matt Campbell, Owner and Shaper, BlkBox Surf & Owner, C3D Industries & Formulator of Resin-X.

"We have used TeXtreme® for both the North and Fanatic brands, both the North Kites Select and the Fanatic FreeWave TeXtreme boards are developed as truly premium boards. TeXtreme® delivers the promised weight savings and mechanical performance improvements, and we have used an unbalanced fabric, which also gives an extra advantage and differentiation to the product. TeXtreme® has helped us reduce weight on our boards and at the same time give us great results on stiffness, breakage force and flexibility, which contributes to our main goal, to make the best boards. And the fact that the material looks fantastic is also a very good selling point too!”

- Jürgen May, Product Engineering BOARDS & MORE GmbH (FANATIC/ION/NORTH).

"We have worked with a number of different carbon fiber fabrics and TeXtreme® is by far the best carbon material we have used. Its strength to weight ratio is unmatched."

- Richard Ciesco, CEO at Hydroflex Technology.

“The partnership with TeXtreme® is a significant step for us in our continual focus on developing the most innovative products in the sport. The elements of power and control are the two single most important factors in game performance. For us to be able to embed TeXtreme®’s unique carbon fiber technology in four critical impact areas on five new frames is exciting.  We believe it will take the game and its players to a new level. Through TeXtreme®’s carbon fiber material, which is 20% lighter, the racquets will provide improved strength and torsional stability which will result in maximum power, frame strength and shot accuracy.”

- Scott Winters, Vice President of Ektelon.