Composite hockey stick better than ever aided by TeXtreme®

New BAUER Vapor APX composite ice hockey stick features TeXtreme® Spread Tow carbon fabrics and is a continuation on the prosperous usage of TeXtreme® in previous versions of BAUER hockey sticks. 

The BAUER Vapor APX is the premier stick in the BAUER Vapor stick line. Bauer Hockey has taken the foundation of the Vapor X:60 hockey stick and combined it with the exceptional puck feel of the TotalONE hockey stick; creating the company’s most technical advanced hockey stick to date.

BAUER uses TeXtreme® Spread Tow Fabrics to reduce weight, improve the mechanical performance and for the superior surface smoothness that reduces the need for finishing drastically, compared to a conventional fabric. 

“By using TeXtreme®, BAUER has benefitted from the standard weight savings and mechanical improvements. At the same time, we have found the surface finish to be noticeably better with TeXtreme® than with conventional 3K weaves,” said Adam Gans, Director of Product Development for sticks at BAUER Hockey Inc.  “In the APX stick TeXtreme® has contributed to the lighter blade and to the torsional stiffness that prevents blade deflection when shooting, which increases accuracy and improves balance”.

Andreas Martsman, VP Business Development of Oxeon, says: “During the years of our cooperation with BAUER they have been gaining market share in the premium ice hockey sticks segment. We are happy for whatever contribution TeXtreme® has had on their success and this illuminates what we want for TeXtreme®, to be a strategic partner and to aid in giving our customers this kind of success on their respective markets”.

The benefits from TeXtreme® come from the Spread Tow structure that makes it possible to achieve thinner laminates and that have straighter fibers with reduced crimp which optimize and strengthen the composite. The lesser crimp reduce amount of excess plastic and hence minimizing weight.

The BAUER Vapor APX stick is currently available at retail locations throughout the world.