Formula 1 cars using TeXtreme® wins both driver and team championship

The last race for the season took place on the 14th of November in Abu Dhabi. Cars using TeXtreme® Spread Tow carbon Fabric to reduce weight and improve mechanical properties had a great season, resulting in a victory in both the driver- and team championship for cars using TeXtreme®.

TeXtreme® is a Spread Tow Fabric (STF) used for making ultra light composites. TeXtreme® is based on Oxeon's Tape Weaving Technology that uses thin tapes (Spread Tows) instead of yarns. In any given area more fibers can be packed in a STF than in a normal fabric from yarns. A woven material comprising interlaced spread tows, instead of yarns, displays a substantially reduced number of interstices/openings. This means that a STF presents less accumulation of matrix at the interstices and hence increased fiber volume fraction.

“The extensive use and results of the Formula 1 teams using TeXtreme® confirms the weight savings ability of the material. Formula 1 teams are always looking for the best and for reducing weight TeXtreme® is obviously providing great weight saving opportunities” says Andreas Martsman, Vice President and head of Business Development at Oxeon.

The F1 team using TeXtreme® has built composite body parts with TeXtreme® and been able to reduce weight with about 20-30%, evidently contributing to a faster car.