High-performance skis built with TeXtreme®

Canadian ski manufacturer ALT. Skis have developed their new skis models using TeXtreme® Spread Tow Fabrics, resulting in a high-end range of high-performance skis. The three models available Jubany, Aboa and Mirny are all built with TeXtreme®.

ALT. Skis focuses on performance and every ski is handmade. Each ALT. ski design starts with the creation of a numeric model on which extensive finite-element analysis is conducted. This sophisticated design tool is the first stage to determine the ideal core profile as well as the optimal orientation of the carbon fiber in order to obtain the desired flexural and torsional rigidity. The carbon reinforcement surrounds the dual-density wood core to form a sandwich/sidewall race ski construction. In contrast to a cap ski construction, the sidewalls procure the ski edges a firm support for precision and high performance for any type of terrain and condition.

"What is really great using TeXtreme® is that the fibers are holding their +-45 degree position really well during the wet layup process. Also, the binder being glue instead of stitching totally eliminates the imprint that we can get on the ski top sheet when we use stitch fabric as the top layer. The finish is very nice and smooth. And the look we are getting is by far the most appreciated of everything we tried", says Simon Bergeron, engineer and founder of ALT. Skis Inc.
TeXtreme® Spread Tow Reinforcements are using spread tows to produce optimized reinforcements for ultra light composites. Spreading tows (yarns) into very thin tapes enables reinforcements in woven structure as well as unidirectional tapes with mechanical performance and possibility for weight savings that are unique compared to conventional reinforcements.