Oxeon aligns all Spread Tow products under TeXtreme®

Oxeon, the market leader in Spread Tow Reinforcements, announces the consolidation of all its Spread Tow products under the brand TeXtreme®.

Andreas Martsman, Vice President of Oxeon, says, “TeXtreme® is used to make ultra light composites, no matter what kind of Spread Tow Reinforcement our customers are using. We have made this change to accentuate the point that TeXtreme® enables us to offer an optimized reinforcement for each specific product, no matter which variant is chosen”.

The flexibility of TeXtreme® is shown through a number of variables that can be optimized for each specific customer product:

• Fiber type: Using HS, IM and HM carbon fibers as well as other types of high performance fibers.

• Fiber angle: UD tapes, 0/90 fabrics and +α/-β fabrics (initially +45/-45).

• Areal weights: Spread Tow Tapes starting from 38 gsm and Spread Tow Fabrics starting from 76 gsm.

The flexibility of TeXtreme® also includes optimizing on fiber distribution, tape width and fabric width. This unique and broad product offering together with Oxeon’s reinforcement knowledge enable our customers to obtain optimized ultra light composite products.