Paper - A new approach to producing tubular items using +α/-β Spread Tow Fabrics

The recent development of continuous-length +α/-β Spread Tow Fabric manufacture, wherein spread tow tapes are incorporated at angles other than conventional 0°/90°, opens up new opportunities in manufacturing tubular items. With continuous-length +α/-β Spread Tow Fabrics becoming available now, the roll-wrapping method could be a new, direct and cost-effective way to manufacture tubular composite material products such as power and transmission poles, lamp posts, pipes, industrial rollers, oars, casings, golf clubs, masts etc., which are presently extensively produced employing the filament winding process.

As tubular items are usually subjected to a combination of loads, use of +α/-β Spread Tow Fabrics,  together with 0°/90° Spread Tow Fabric, presents new possibilities of achieving improved properties over the structure produced by laying tows in angular plies by the filament winding process. To exemplify, a tubular item could be produced by plying different +α/-β Spread Tow Fabrics each of which have their constituent spread tow tapes incorporated in suitable different angles to withstand crushing and bursting pressures. The new approach to manufacture of tubular items using +α/-β Spread Tow Fabric is introduced in this Paper.


This paper, written by Fredrik Ohlsson, Product Manager Materials, and Dr. Nandan Khokar, R&D Manager, was presented at the International Carbon Composites Conference (IC3) in October 2011 by Dr. Nandan Khokar.