Patrick Kane and TeXtreme® clinches the Stanley Cup

Patrick Kane, using a Bauer Vapor X-60 stick, on overtime settled the Stanley Cup finals when Chicago Blackhawks won the trophy for the season 2009/2010. The Bauer Vapor X-60 stick is using TeXtreme® Spread Tow Fabrics to reduce weight, provide the blade with power and accuracy and to get the ultimate balance on the stick.

Patrick Kane’s winning goal sealed the match series to 4-2, and gave the Chicago Blackhawks their first Stanley Cup win since 1961.

The cooperation between Bauer and Oxeon first started with the goalie stick Bauer Supreme One95, and has continued to the Bauer Vapor X-60 stick that has set a new standard for composite hockey sticks. The current success of the Bauer Vapor X-60 reassures that the development is the right track.

Andreas Martsman, VP Business Development at Oxeon says that: “We are thrilled to be able to contribute to Bauer’s success and hope to continue help them and the players score more important goals”.