TeXtreme® speaker at the ICCC

Meet us at the 5th International Conference on Carbon Composites.

The conference will take place on 9-11 of May 2016, in Palais des Congrès, Arcachon, France.
On Tuesday 10th of May, Florence Rinn from the TeXtreme® team will have a presentation about: "Developed technologies for damage simulation in ultrathin composite reinforcements and novel material with outstanding impact performance".

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Sales Manager Aerospace Thierry Rebot at  +33 6 83 61 83 39 or use our contact form.


Damage assessments in the aerospace industry are for composites more demanding than they were before for traditional materials. The simulation of impact damage and damage growth has become increasingly important where testing of manufactured parts could be highly expensive, and reliable models are therefore essential for those materials that shall be used in this industry.

Following the vested interest in Spread Tow reinforcements and its ultra-thin plies due to outstanding performance (among them the market leading TeXtreme®), the European Air TN project DAMTEX has aimed to develop analytical and FE models to predict the impact damage and damage propagation in thin woven composites. Extensive testing has been performed to feed and validate the material models through the characterization of fiber failure, delamination and residual strengths after an impact event in a drop tower test.

As a result of the better understanding of these novel materials, a new Spread Tow reinforcement with improved damage performance has been developed. The interlaminar toughness, limited damage and excellent CAI results observed in this new material have outperformed those in currently used carbon fiber reinforcements.

TeXtreme® will present the results from the DAMTEX project with regard to the acquired knowledge and developed technologies and materials.