Exhibitions 2017


Members of the TeXtreme® team will be present on these shows.
To book a meeting, please contact us.




Aircraft Interior Expo, 4-6, Hamburg, Germany
AERO, 5-8, Friedrichshafen, Germany
Sea Otter, 20-23, Monterey, CA, USA


China Cycle Show, 6-9, Shanghai, China
SAMPE China, 10-12, Beijing, China
10th International CFK-Valley Stade Convention, 16-17, Stade, Germany
High End, 18-21, Munich, Germany
SAMPE Tech 2017, 22-25, Seattle, WA, USA
EBACE 2017, 22-24, Geneva, Switzerland


Sea Otter Europe, 2-4, Girona, Spain
ICC 2017, 7-8, Salerno, Italy
Aircraft Seating USA
, 19-21, Seattle, WA, USA
JEC Composites in Construction, 20-22, Chicago, IL, USA
Paris International Air Show, 19-25, Paris, France