From black and white to a world full of color – a new era in Spread Tow Reinforcements emerges

Market leading Spread tow brand TeXtreme® releases their fabric in multiple colors in collaboration with Hypetex, introducing a completely new look in spread tow reinforcements. The new colored versions of TeXtreme® will be displayed at JEC Paris, 3rd – 5th of march 2020. As awar[...]

Meet us at JEC 2020!

TeXtreme® will exhibit at the upcoming JEC 3-5th of march. You are welcome to meet the TeXtreme®-team in hall 6 at booth number F19. The Exhibition will take place on the 3-5th of march 2020 in Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center. To learn more about the show visit the [...]

Meet us at CAMX 2019

Come visit us at booth N48 in hall D We will show some examples of our unique products in +/45, 0/90 and UD versions. All with extreme control of fiber angle variation, areal weight and form stability. Our team are hoping you will stop by and share your challenges so we can di[...]

Factor releases O2 VAM Reinforced by TeXtreme

Brilliantly engineered and ultra-light performance – the new Factor O2 VAM Reinforced by TeXtreme®

Onix Pickleball releases the all new OUTBREAK paddle with TeXtreme® Technology

Acknowledging the increasing demand for innovation in the sport of pickleball, Onix Pickleball has released their new OUTBREAK paddle   featuring a graphite face reinforced by TeXtreme® Technology.  Onix is the first brand to use TeXtreme® Spread Tow carbon fiber fabrics in the f[...]

Meet us at JEC 2019

TeXtreme® will exhibit at the upcoming JEC 12-14th of march. Please met the TeXtreme®-team in hall 6 at booth number E22. The Exhibition will take place on the 12-14th of march 2019 in Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center. To learn more about the show visit the website o[...]

Article of Safety in Bikes in Composites World

  In the September 2018 issue from Composites World, there’s an article “Safe Cycling: Keys to Composite bike design integrity” where one of the interviewed is our Product Development Director, Fredrik Ohlsson. You’ll find the article in pdf to the right. "TeXtreme®[...]

Meet us at CAMX 2018

TeXtreme® will exhibit at the upcoming CAMX 15-18 of October, please meet the members from the TeXtreme® team at booth #K88 The exhibition will take place on 16-18 October 2018 in Dallas, Texas in the Kay Hutchison Convention Center. To learn more about the show please visit the[...]

Meet us at Taichung Bike Week 2018

TeXtreme® will exhibit at the upcoming Taichung Bike Week 26-28 of September, please meet the members from the TeXtreme® team at Splendor Hotel in Booth 1138. To learn more about the show please visit the website: Taichung Bike Week To book a meeting or if any questions con[...]

Article of Spread Tow in Composites World

  In the June 2018 issue from Composites World, there's an article "The spread of spread tow" where one of the people interviewed is our VP of Marketing & Sales, Andreas Martsman. "Advancing from “lighter and thinner” to boosting strength, stiffness, impact resista[...]

TeXtreme® Expands Product Line with the ±45° Grid fabric

  TeXtreme® is proud to announce their latest addition to their line of Spread Tow products, the ±45° Grid fabric. This new version of TeXtreme® Spread Tow fabric will further broaden the ability to optimize Spread Tow solutions for new applications and markets. TeXtre[...]

Eventsport presents the next generation of bandy sticks reinforced by TeXtreme®

  INXIDE has collaborated with Eventsport and Swedish elite players to develop the next generation of bandy sticks, the RELEASE, reinforced with TeXtreme®. ”Through our partnership with TeXtreme® we were able to integrate their high performance material into our new RE[...]

Oxeon AB makers of TeXtreme®, has been awarded AS9100D certification

  Oxeon AB is proud to announce it has received the AS9100D Aerospace certification. This designates a high-standard Quality Management System (QMS). ”The official AS9100 certification is a very important step in the development of the company. Even though we already d[...]

Research project with SAAB

  TeXtreme® will through a 4 year project study the thin ply effect on bolted multi material joints with focus on bearing strength. Abstract The project focus is to increase the understanding of the impact of material behavior on structural integrity of complex metal [...]

The Faction Collective Releases New Prime Series Ski Collection reinforced by TeXtreme®

Swiss-based Faction Skis has teamed with world-renowned freeride skier and mountaineer Sam Anthamatten to create a new Prime Series ski collection reinforced with TeXtreme® technology. The Prime Series is the result of decades of material testing and innovations to create a t[...]

Nuon Solar team uses TeXtreme® to claim 2017 World Solar Challenge championship

  Seven-time winner of the World Solar Challenge, Nuon Solar, drove their TeXtreme® reinforced Nuna Solar9 car to win the 2017 World Solar Challenge. This year’s race was 14th edition of Bridgestone World Solar Challenge which was held 8th to 15th of October in the Austra[...]

Four for Four – the Felt IA FRD reinforced by TeXtreme® again wins Women’s IRONMAN World Championship

  For the third consecutive year, Switzerland’s Daniela Ryf was once again crowned champion of the IRONMAN World Championship held in Kona, Hawaii, USA. Daniela once again rode her custom IA FRD reinforced by TeXtreme® from Felt Bicycles. Since Felt introduced the IA FRD [...]

Freediving fins from DiveR Australia reinforced by TeXtreme®

  DiveR, Australian producer of a top line freediving fins has released fins reinforced by TeXtreme® Technology. The new fin transfers the load progressively from the heel to the toe while remaining soft yet responsive, that gives the diver a new unique feeling. “We we[...]

Masi Bikes unveils lightweight bikes reinforced by TeXtreme®

  California-based US bicycle company Masi Bikes has released new frames and forks, reinforced by TeXtreme® carbon fiber fabrics. By incorporating TeXtreme® into their designs, Masi was able to reduce the weight by 110 grams while improving stiffness. “The goal wasn’t [...]

Meet us at CAMX 2017

CAMX 2017 postponed due to Hurricane Irma   TeXtreme® will exhibit at the upcoming CAMX 11-14 of September, please meet the members from the TeXtreme® team at booth #W76 The exhibition will take place on 12-14 September 2017 in Orlando, Florida in the Orange County Co[...]

TeXtreme® reinforces ultra-light bike shoe from Giro

  Giro Sport Design, the cycling world’s design leader, uses TeXtreme® carbon fiber to create the new Prolight Techlace, an industry leading road bike shoe with a weight under 150 grams. “By using TeXtreme® in the carbon fiber outsole, we were able to achieve substanti[...]

TeXtreme® Sets New Standard For Visual Spread Tow Fabrics

  Market leader in Spread Tow reinforcements, Oxeon, has set a new standard for Visual Spread Tow carbon fiber fabrics, PDESP21. “We always work to push our materials and technologies to meet even higher expectations from our customers. I am very proud to see our dedic[...]

TeXtreme® exhibits at SAMPE 2017

  TeXtreme® will exhibit at the upcoming SAMPE show 23-24 of May, please meet the members from the TeXtreme® team at booth #F48 The exhibition will take place on 23-24 May 2017 in Seattle, Washington in the Conference Center at the Washington State Convention Center. T[...]

Article About Spread Tow Reinforcements

Spread tow reinforcements are being increasingly used within all kinds of industries working with composites and especially those using carbon fiber. In Part 1 of this two-part article Fredrik Ohlsson of Oxeon AB outlines the construction and manufacture of spread tow reinforceme[...]

TeXtreme® exhibits at JEC World 2017

  TeXtreme® will exhibit at the upcoming JEC show 14-16 of March, please meet the members from the TeXtreme® team at booth #F21 in Hall 6. The exhibition will take place on 14-16 March 2017 in Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center. To learn more about the show pleas[...]

TeXtreme® have reached a breakthrough in commercial aircraft

  TeXtreme® is proud to announce that after several years of simulation and testing within the aero market, TeXtreme® has been certified for use in commercial aero applications and qualified by a leading aircraft manufacturer. HAECO searched for a material that would r[...]

Oxeon AB invests €3million to increase their ±45° TeXtreme® spread tow weaving capacity

  Since its introduction, Oxeon’s ±45° version of TeXtreme® has been a gamechanger for those seeking a continuous ±45° spread tow fabric.  Due to the increased demand, Oxeon is proud to announce an investment of €3 million to expand their patented ±45° Spread Tow weaving [...]

Patent case concluded in Oxeon’s favour

  In a patent infringement case initiated by Oxeon, a pioneer in and a well-known manufacturer of spread tow woven fabrics (which are sold under the Textreme® brand), a German Court of Appeal (Oberlandesgericht München) recently ruled in favour of Oxeon. The infringing[...]

TeXtreme® key to the new COBRA PUMA GOLF driver

  Cobra Puma Golf has taken the Golf industry to a new level. Through becoming inspired by space they’re now pushing the boundaries in golf by presenting their new driver reinforced by TeXtreme®, Cobra King Ltd. “Everything we want to do in this golf club is to reduce [...]

BlackWing aircraft reinforced by TeXtreme® wins Red Dot design award

  Developer and manufacturer of lightweight aircraft, BlackWing Sweden, has received the highest distinction as winner of the Red Dot Award for Product Design 2016. The fuselage and wings are entirely manufactured using TeXtreme® Spread Tow carbon fiber fabric – which the[...]

TeXtreme® reinforces record-setting new aero helmet from Giro

  Giro Sport Design, the cycling world’s design leader, announces the release of an innovative new cycling helmet – the Aerohead Ultimate MIPS ­– that utilizes TeXtreme® carbon fiber fabrics to create a lighter, stronger and more rigid outer shell. In 1985 Giro pioneer[...]

TeXtreme® Product Development Director contributor to new book on Lightweight Composites

  The book Lightweight Composite structures in transport was published earlier this year. Fredrik Ohlsson Product Development Director at TeXtreme® has been writing the chapter about Spread Tow reinforcements, Weight reduction by optimized reinforcement structures. He [...]

TeXtreme® unveils new spread tow fabric delivering unrivaled damage performance

  Market leader in Spread Tow reinforcements, Oxeon, has developed a new and improved version of its TeXtreme® Spread Tow carbon fiber fabric with increased damage performance that outperforms currently used carbon fiber reinforcements in several key categories. “We in[...]

Giro Announces Innovative Ski Helmet reinforced by TeXtreme®

  Global Leader in the manufacture of protective headwear, Giro Sport Design, recently announced the Avance MIPS, an innovative ski racing helmet that uses TeXtreme® to create a lighter, stiffer, and stronger shell. “In development of the Avance MIPS ski helmet, TeXtre[...]

Case Study – Composite surface smoothness improvement

  Spread Tow Fabrics could be a valuable solution to improve the surface smoothness of composites, reducing print-through and visual defects. These reinforcements could reduce the use of extra fillers, padding and thick gelcoats, leading to weight and labour savings. Her[...]

Case Study – ORACLE TEAM USA turns to TeXtreme® to reduce weight

  The America’s Cup has always been a quest for lightweight solutions, producing better and lighter structures, and the 34th edition of the competition is no exception. What is different from previous campaigns is that this time around the financial climate dictated that [...]

ORACLE TEAM USA again chooses TeXtreme® Technology as it prepares to defend its America’s Cup title

  ORACLE TEAM USA will continue its cooperation with TeXtreme® as the preferred supplier of carbon fiber materials used to produce composite parts for the team’s catamarans. The team is preparing to defend its title in the 35th America’s Cup in 2017, using boats reinforce[...]

Berria Bike launches new optimized frames reinforced by TeXtreme®

  Berria Bike introduced their new 2016 bikes during the Unibike show in Madrid, 18-20 of September. TeXtreme® have supported Berria with FEA analysis and lay-up optimization as well as manufacturing support to ensure the frames produced delivers the desired performance. [...]