Bauer APX2 Hockey stick released

2013-10-09 | Sporting Goods

Bauer Hockey is the market leading brand within Ice Hockey, with the most players using Bauer sticks in the NHL for example. Recently they released their latest stick APX2 to the market, also this stick featuring TeXtreme® Technology. 

TeXtreme® has been used in Bauer sticks for many years to reduce weight, improve performance, give better surface smoothness; ultimately contributing to better products leading up to match-winning performances giving many victories in the World Cup, Stanley Cup, etc.

Some of the users of the new APX2 stick include NHL professionals Patrick Kane, Claude Giroux, Nicklas Bäckström, Jordan Eberle and Evander Kane. 

About the APX2 stick
The Bauer Vapor APX 2 Hockey Stick is the top model in the Bauer Vapor Stick Line. This APX 2 turns back the clock to offer a completely redesigned blade that has a similar construction and feel to the classic X60 stick, and is much improved from the previous APX blade. Setting this stick above the rest, the APX2 utilizes unique features such as the TeXtreme® Carbon Fiber, Monocomp construction and eLAStech Technology.

The eLASTech Technology reinforces the TeXtreme® carbon fibers with micro nanotubes, helping to prevent cracks from slashes growing as well as extending the pop life of the stick. The Monocomp Construction process is one of the best in the industry, providing an extremely consistent feel and feel from top to bottom.