Berria Bike launches new optimized frames reinforced by TeXtreme®

2015-09-25 | Bicycle

Berria Bike introduced their new 2016 bikes during the Unibike show in Madrid, 18-20 of September. TeXtreme® have supported Berria with FEA analysis and lay-up optimization as well as manufacturing support to ensure the frames produced delivers the desired performance.

The cooperation can be seen in the top models, Belador Team 3.0 BR, Belador Evo 3.0 BR and Bravo Team 4.0 BR, Bravo Evo 4.0 BR, Infinity 1, which are all using the novel carbon fiber fabrics TeXtreme® in an optimized way for each frame model.

David Vitoria, R & D Manager of Berria Bike says: "We are very pleased to have TeXtreme® carbon fiber fabrics in our top range of frames. In order to learn more and to really make sure our frames were designed and utilizing the carbon fiber materials in an optimized way we partnered up with TeXtreme® to take it to the next level. Their expertise in Spread Tow reinforcements, composite design, the product quality of the fabric; all were important aspects for us and they delivered on everything.”

TeXtreme® is the next generation carbon fiber material in the bicycle industry; it is based on using Spread Tows instead of yarns to achieve ultra light weight and high-performance products. Companies utilizing the TeXtreme® Technology achieve better properties on weight, stiffness, strength, etc. compared to those using other carbon fiber materials.

“TeXtreme® has allowed us to build bike frames that have ultra light weight combined with for us previously unthinkable high stiffness values. This has improved the reactivity and the feature set of our bikes", David Vitoria continues.

Alongside the bike industry current TeXtreme® users can be found in Formula 1, Americas Cup, golf shafts, surf boards, tennis racquets, rowing boats,  skis, snowboards, ice hockey sticks, NASCAR, Le Mans and various industrial and advanced aerospace applications.