Fanatic Windsurfing FreeWave TeXtreme® 2014 board released

2013-08-16 | Sporting Goods

The 2014 model high-performance windsurfing board Fanatic TeXtreme® from Fanatic Windsurfing has been released. And once again the board is among the most exclusive and high-performance constructions in windsurfing, not to mention the low weight.

The original FreeWave was built with one thought in mind: to offer ultimate freedom on any wave the ocean can create – for every sailor. With that in mind Fanatic quickly turned to TeXtreme® Spread Tow carbon fabrics which have been a key since then through the board model FreeWave TeXtreme® which was initially released 2010.

And to read more about the different technologies Fanatic are using, among others TeXtreme®, please visit the technology section on the Fanatic Windsurfing website.