Latin America solar car champions use TeXtreme®

2012-12-13 | Motorsport

The Chilean team Invenio has for second time in a row won the solar car competitions for Latin America. This year they have a lighter car featuring TeXtreme® that contributed to the victory. The race took part, 16-18 of November, in the northern parts of Chile in the driest desert on the world.

The team with their car IntiKallpa, the word IntiKallpa means “energy of the sun”, hit the finishing line first after a race on 1340km and having held an average velocity of 100km/h.

The total weight of the car is 190kg and the weight savings in this year’s car compared to last years are 40kg, in which TeXtreme® have had a substantial role.

"When I visited the JEC Composites fair in France I picked up a sample of TeXtreme®, then when my company was invited to manufacture the IntiKallpa solar car I did not hesitate that TeXtreme® was the right choice! It is an amazing product that let us save weight as well as gain in performance. Thanks TeXtreme®!" says Mauricio Castro, General Manager of Invenio.

The team now set sights at the World Solar Challenge 2013 taking place in Australia in October with hopes on a prominent placement.