Podcast about achieving stronger, lighter and thinner laminates

2016-04-19 | General | Technical Literature

Andreas Martsman, VP - Marketing & Sales of Oxeon AB and co-founder of TeXtreme® has been interviewed in the Composites Weekly podcast.

Andreas and Composite Weekly host Jonathan Taylor discusses the TeXtreme® Technology and how to Spread Tow fabrics can help achieve lighter, thinner and stiffer composite parts.

To listen to the interview please follow this link.

About Composites Weekly
Composites Weekly is an online podcast published each week by Jonathan Taylor. Jonathan has served as consultant in the composites industry for 13 years.

He brings the latest news and information in the world of composites. He discusses new technologies & emerging markets within carbon fiber, 3-D printing and FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic); and also discusses manufacturing & marketing strategies based off of his own experience as a consultant in the FRP industry.