TeXtreme® enters racquetball through the Ektelon brand

2014-06-02 | Sporting Goods

Ektelon, Inc. is an American manufacturer of equipment for racquetball. In their new product line they have five models reinforced by TeXtreme® resulting in improved strength and torsional stability.

Many sports have seen the use of TeXtreme® make an immediate and dominant impact on performance from Formula 1 Racing, Americas Cup, advanced aerospace, bicycles, extreme sports, and in addition, over 400 NHL players currently use this carbon fiber weave technology in their hockey sticks. TeXtreme® is an ultra-light and strong carbon fiber technology that is 20% lighter than conventional carbon fiber reinforcements that reduce weight without sacrificing strength or stiffness.  

“The partnership with TeXtreme® is a significant step for us in our continual focus on developing the most innovative products in the sport,” said Scott Winters, Vice President of Ektelon. 

Winters further states, “The elements of power and control are the two single most important factors in game performance. For us to be able to embed TeXtreme®’s unique carbon fiber technology in four critical impact areas on five new frames is exciting.  We believe it will take the game and its players to a new level. Through TeXtreme®’s carbon fiber material, which is 20% lighter, the racquets will provide improved strength and torsional stability which will result in maximum power, frame strength and shot accuracy.” 

Winters continues by saying, “Ektelon plans to launch an entire new product line, including additional racquets with advanced Carbon Kevlar material, racquetball gloves, eyeguards, sport bags and footwear.  We can’t wait to kick off the new season with all of these great new products hitting our warehouse in July, and it’s great to have a new revolutionary technology featuring TeXtreme® to lead the way. “
TeXtreme® is the next generation carbon fiber material in the sporting goods industry; it is based on using Spread Tows instead of yarns to achieve ultra light weight and high-performance products. Companies utilizing the TeXtreme® Technology achieve better properties on weight, stiffness, strength, etc. compared to those using other carbon fiber materials. 

The launch of the new Ektelon line is thought to be the single most innovative launch, not just for Ektelon, but possibly the sport as a whole. The new TeXtreme® racquet models will be available in mid-August from a retail location where Ektelon products are sold.