Factor releases O2 VAM Reinforced by TeXtreme

Brilliantly engineered and ultra-light performance – the new Factor O2 VAM Reinforced by TeXtreme®

With a frame weight under 700g, the all new Factor O2 VAM is one of the lightest production frames of its kind. The new frame is both lighter and stronger than its forerunner, the Factor O2. The use of a new method of carbon compression moulding, and the inclusion of an advanced material such as TeXtreme® carbon fibre, have played an important role in the making of the new frame.

Optimized structural design, carbon layup, and specific material choices, depending on the frame area and shape, allows Factor to use the least material without loss of stiffness, efficiency or ride quality. Factor is committed to innovation, speed and performance through advanced engineering which resulted in the O2 VAM with its exceptional construction in an ultra-light package.

“In the development of the O2 VAM we relied heavily on the use of Textreme® spread tow carbon fabrics, nearly 60% of the frame is made up of these. This enabled us to achieve the ride performance goals we required while creating one of the Worlds lightest disc brake road frames. These bikes will now be raced under the most extreme conditions at races such as Paris Roubaix where we remain very confident in their ability.” – Rob Gitelis, owner Factor Bikes

Prior to the VAM, reduction in frame weight signified an equal decrease in ride quality. VAM forever alters this dynamic. Even as Factors lightest production bike to date, VAM is stiff and responsive under power, maintaining the superior ride and handling qualities justly regarded as the signature elements of all Factor Bikes.

“Yet another great example of how TeXtreme®, which is lighter, stronger and stiffer than conventional fabrics can help our customers advance. We are very happy to be a development partner to Factor for this new frame. The ultra-light weight combined with the great performance of the O2 VAM, show the diversity and strengths of the TeXtreme® Carbon Fiber Fabrics and our technical team.” – Andreas Martsman, VP Oxeon AB


TeXtreme®, the market leader in advanced carbon reinforcement technology, is the ultimate choice for making advanced ultra-light composites products with superior mechanical performance and surface smoothness.

TeXtreme® Technology is flexible and tow-size independent which enables the development of optimized reinforcement solutions which are tailor-made for specific needs of the application. Manufacturers of advanced aero, industrial and sports products have consistently found that using TeXtreme® Spread Tow carbon fabrics and UD tapes have enabled them to produce composite parts which are 20-30% lighter with improved mechanical properties and superior surface smoothness.

TeXtreme® is a registered trademark owned by Oxeon AB