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Boasting over 15 years of collaboration with aerospace companies, research institutes, and universities, we possess extensive expertise in thin plies, spread tows, and other superior fiber architectures. This expertise places us in a unique position to realize weight reductions and enhance mechanical performance in advanced composites for aerospace applications. The TeXtreme® team offers support at every phase of your project, from the initial concept to the market launch of your final product.

Cryonic tanks, aircraft components and UAVs – with Textreme® patented reinforcements you achieve ultra light products that last.

We have an extensive network of prepreggers, resin suppliers and composite part manufacturing partners that are AS9100 accredited and delivering advanced carbon composite parts to the aeronautical industry. If desired, we will make use of our network in optimizing and making your TeXtreme® part fly.

Lightweight composites

Our thin ply products gives you reduced manufacturing time, improved surface finish, weight reduction as well as increased impact resistance and performance after impact – compared to for example cross-plied UD or other conventional fabrics use as NCFs, woven or braids.

Working with leading companies in the industry, TeXtreme® reinforcements are available in prepreg form where the resin systems meet the requirements of FAR 25 both for FST & OSU. In addition thermoplastic impregnated products are available, also meeting these demanding requirements.

Transform your products with TeXtreme

Elevate performance across industries with ultra-light composites and discover the difference.

TeXtreme for Aerospace

Better mechanical performance and meeting or exceeding weight targets.



TeXtreme technology elevates UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) performance by integrating lightweight, durable composite materials, enhancing flight efficiency, payload capacity, and durability. This innovation allows for longer flight times, improved maneuverability, and increased resilience in challenging conditions, meeting the high demands of both commercial and recreational UAV applications.

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Air mobility

TeXtreme technology transforms air mobility by incorporating its lightweight, durable composite materials into aircraft construction, improving efficiency, range, and payload capabilities. This innovation enables more sustainable flight solutions with reduced energy consumption, offering enhanced performance and resilience in the evolving landscape of air transport and urban air mobility.

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TeXtreme technology revolutionizes the space industry by utilizing its lightweight, durable composite materials in spacecraft construction, enhancing payload efficiency, structural integrity, and durability against the harsh conditions of space. This innovation supports longer missions, reduces launch costs, and increases the potential for more complex space exploration and satellite deployment projects.

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Commercial aircraft

TeXtreme technology significantly advances large commercial aircraft by incorporating lightweight, durable composite materials, improving fuel efficiency, payload capacity, and structural integrity. This innovation enables airlines to achieve longer flight ranges, reduced operational costs, and enhanced passenger comfort, meeting the growing demands for sustainability and efficiency in the aviation industry.

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BlackWing aircraft reinforced by TeXtreme® wins Red Dot design award

Developer and manufacturer of lightweight aircraft, BlackWing Sweden, has received the highest distinction as winner of the Red Dot Award for Product Design 2016. The fuselage and wings are entirely manufactured using TeXtreme® Spread Tow carbon fiber fabric – which the company claims are 15% more rigid than conventional twill fabric.

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