Aero – designing lightweight.

We offer products and design solutions that meet cost targets, maintain or increase mechanical performance and still meet or exceed your weight targets. We help you achieve ultra light composite products that last.

Your Advanced Composite Partner

Almost 15 years of collaborations with aero companies as well as research institutes and universities, have given us deep knowledge in thin plies, spread tows and other optimal fiber architectures which puts us in an unprecedented position to achieve weight savings and mechanical performance improvements for advanced composites. The TeXtreme® team provides support to your project at every stage – from the concept stage through the release of your final product on the market.

Cryonic tanks, aircraft interior components or UAVs – with Textreme® patented reinforcements you achieve ultra light products that last.

We have an extensive network of prepreggers, resin suppliers and composite part manufacturing partners that are AS9100 accredited and delivering advanced carbon composite parts to the aeronautical industry. If needed, we will make use of this network in optimizing and making your TeXtreme® part fly.

Lightweight composites

Our thin ply products gives you reduced manufacturing time, improved surface finish, weight reduction as well as increased impact resistance and performance after impact – compared to for example cross-plied UD or other conventional fabrics use as NCFs, woven or braids.

Working with leading companies in the industry, TeXtreme® reinforcements are available in prepreg form where the resin systems meet the requirements of FAR 25 both for FST & OSU. In addition thermoplastic impregnated products are available, also meeting these demanding requirements

Ultra light

TeXtreme® delivers a multitude of benefits for the aeronautical industry. Our capability to design the right mix of weight reduction, strength and impact performance makes us the best partner to get a lighter, stronger and less costing advanced composite part. With TeXtreme® you get an ultra light design that last.