Thin-Ply Carbon Diaphragms.

Up until now audio companies have had to choose from traditional speaker diaphragm materials leading to a compromise between stiffness, weight and damping. Oxeon engineers diaphragms using thin-ply carbon technology for a combination of high break up frequency with controlled break up behavior enabling clear, detailed and smooth sounding loudspeakers.

How can space and formula one technology be used to improve the sound quality of loudspeakers?


Thin-ply carbon is a novel type of material that is used in applications that require the absolute highest performance in combination with ultralight weight. Examples include cryogenic tanks for space applications, next generation of commercial aircraft and formula one cars. By optimizing the way the thin-ply carbon layers are organized, mechanical performance can be maximized, weight minimized, and, the part can be engineered to behave in certain desired ways in different areas and different directions.

We are using thin-ply carbon technology to take the performance of loudspeaker diaphragms to a whole new level, combining clear, detailed and smooth sound.