The carbon fiber edge.

On land, in air or on water, TeXtreme® has the ability to take your sporting equipment to the next level - with an innovative design. Our customers have found that TeXtreme® carbon fibers allows them to achieve goals they once thought unobtainable.

Your Advanced Composite Partner

Capitalizing on the TeXtreme® Spread Tow carbon fiber reinforcements, creators at the world’s top sports brands have been able to meet the needs of their target consumer while providing sales and marketing with a credible, quantifiable marketing story.

Lighter, stronger and better performing products, designed to last; how to meet your goals.

Ultra lightness

Using TeXtreme® you’ll get a considerable reduction in weight, probably at least 20 %. Your products will also attain greater rigidness as well as increased strength. You also get improved impact tolerance combined with superior surface smoothness.

We also believe that there is no single standard solution to meet the needs of the sporting goods industry. We strive to be a partner with our customers rather than simply being a supplier. Having our engineers work closely with your technical teams enable us to provide a innovative design for each and every carbon fiber composite product.

An innovative edge

Many sporting goods supplier seek designs that will achieve extreme lightweight, while not compromising on performance or impact strength. TeXtreme® can give you that extra edge, designing our carbon fiber materials directly corresponding to your requirements.

No matter if it’s biking, surfing, rowing, sailing, skiing or any other tough sport with high standards on equipment performance, our innovative design teams will find you the right optimization. Don’t wait – the gold medals are at stake.