Meet us at SAMPE 2023!

Meet us at SAMPE 2023, booth E24!

Come meet us in booth E24!

Book a meeting or just pop by, we are excited to meet you! We have a lot of exiting things going on, here are a few:


TeXtreme® Gapped UD

This year we´re presenting our groundbreaking new technology – Gapped UD. TeXtreme® Gapped UD is a unique dry reinforcement material system developed for resin infusion processes with proven UD-prepreg performance. TeXtreme® Gapped UD material system is designed for aerospace, marine and industrial customers looking for cost effective out of autoclave solutions still with prepreg performance. Come talk to us and we will tell you all about this brand new, innovative material!


Diversity of TeXtreme® Gapped UD


The Mars Helicopter – Ingenuity – completes its 50th flight on Mars

April 19, 2021, NASA made history by flying a powered, man-controlled helicopter on another planet for the first time. Ingenuity has TeXtreme® fabric in its solar panel substrate, the box at the bottom, and the rotor blades. 2 years after its first flight on Mars the small chopper completed its 50th flight. By doing so it once again exceeded expectations!


Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech