+/-45 woven fabrics.

The groundbreaking technology with +α/-β variation of TeXtreme® Spread Tow Fabrics was introduced in 2011. This innovation gives us the possibility to produce continuous length Spread Tow fabrics in among others a +/-45 direction

Added value to the existing 0/90 variant of TeXtreme®. Mixing the different fabrics in lay-up plies optimized multidirectional reinforcement with optimal properties.

Our +/- fabrics are very stable to handle in cutting, automated lay-up or prepregging, even as they don’t contain stabilization or fixing yarn.

For applications with larger surfaces it’s crucial to refrain from having joints in the reinforcements and here TeXtreme® +45/-45 fabric is highly suitable. Another segment where this angle on the fabrics is beneficial is tubular applications, where this angling of directions of the reinforcement is common. Continuous length fabrics can help decreasing manufacturing time and getting all desired properties set in one single layer.

When finding the optimal TeXtreme® composite reinforcement solution, the +45/-45 is one of our products to choose from, others are the 0/90 fabrics, UD tapes and hybrids. Very often the optimal solution is a combination of the different products.