Gapped UD

TeXtreme® Gapped UD system is a unique dry reinforcement material system developed for resin infusion processes (vacuum infusion, RTM, AFP and ATL) with proven UD-prepreg performance.

TeXtreme® Gapped UD is an extremely flat (no crimp) unidirectional reinforcement which includes well controlled gaps between the fiber tows. The well controlled gaps acts as resin channels and secures
high permeability and fast wet out without losing mechanical performance. The flatness results in very high fiber volume fraction (>60%) giving you mechanical properties consistent with a UD-prepreg solution.


TeXtreme® Gapped UD material system is designed for aerospace, marine and industrial customers
looking for cost effective out of autoclave solutions still with prepreg performance.

TeXtreme® Gapped UD

Diversity of TeXtreme® Gapped UD

TeXtreme® Woven fabric made from Gapped UD