Finding the optimal TeXtreme® carbon reinforcement is part of our business. We offer expertise collaboration in developing our products to fit your requirements and needs.

TeXtreme® advanced reinforcements are produced optimized for specific application needs. The flexibility and mix ability of Textreme® offers almost indefinite possibilities.

For example, when there are specific needs for higher impact performance we can incorporate other kinds of fibers than carbon fiber. We have customers utilizing TeXtreme® variants with a mix of carbon fiber and aramids, PBO, Innegra etcetera. You can also improve safety features by avoiding the instant breakage association to pure carbon composite parts by incorporating materials with longer elongation.

Due to our flexible production process we can produce hybrids with different materials in or UD tapes – for example in 0/90 direction in a fabric or mixing two different materials in one UD tape.

Another example is TeXtreme® Grid, developed after specific needs were targeted after calculation and simulation of the customer’s product where even more weight reduction was necessary.