Customized reinforcements.

Based on the calculation & simulation made and the lay-up schedule chosen, the flexibility of our technology makes it possible to easily produce a new composite that will suit your requirements.

The TeXtreme® team has great knowledge in choosing composite reinforcements – depending on your specific application needs.

Customizing the optimal version

There are many different variables in the different versions of TeXtreme®. Here are some variables in our TeXtreme® Spread Tow UD Tapes and fabrics.

– Areal Weights

– Fabric width

– Fiber angle

– Fiber distribution

TeXtreme® Spread Tow fabrics can be optimized by balancing with different ratios in length versus direction.

– Fiber type

TeXtreme® can be produced by using different types of carbon fibers and/or other types of high performance fibers.

– Tape width

TeXtreme® dry UD tapes are at present available in a wide variety of widths with areal weight corresponding to the degree of spreading and the type of carbon fiber chosen.