Manufacturing support.

The TeXtreme® Technical Support team can support all the way into full-scale production. It doesn’t matter whether you use dry fabrics, pre-impregnated, or other kinds of production methods preferred.

Our team of technical engineers will aid in getting your solution up and running or come and help with trouble shooting if you run into issues when up-scaling your production. Our experts have years of experience from producing composite parts – all leading to the best carbon fiber composite solution.


The important follow-through

We are eager to make sure that the TeXtreme® reinforcements meet your needs, therefore we’ll be happy to assist in the process of finding the best solution. The fourth part is giving you manufacturing support.

If you don’t have a manufacturer for your product don’t hesistate to ask us for help. Over they years we have grown an extensive network of manufacturers in Europe, US and Asia who can handle production volumes from single numbers to several thousands per month.