Research project with SAAB


TeXtreme® will through a 4 year project study the thin ply effect on bolted multi material joints with focus on bearing strength.

The project focus is to increase the understanding of the impact of material behavior on structural integrity of complex metal composite structures within aeronautics. The goal is to develop reliable and accurate methods and models that can simulate the mechanical behavior of bolted composite structures. The methods should be applied in a time and cost-effective manner in industrial applications. Development of further reinforcement methods for bolt joints is also included.

The project is expected to result in an analytical methodology for confidential and cost-effective certification of both civil and military hybrid-bolted aircraft structures. Furthermore, the project is expected to contribute to the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly design solutions with efficient material utilization.

Initially, structural mechanical phenomena and conditions relevant to a large-scale industrial application are identified. These phenomena are then studied and modeled at detail later on where improved design solutions and methods are developed and returned to the industrial application. Current analytical and experimental methods form the basis for the development of the improved methods.