The Tape weaving technology.

TeXtreme® Spread Tow fabrics are produced by interlacing Spread Tow tapes of desired fibers. Our Spread tow fabrics allow us to achieve thinner laminates, achieving composites with better performance, longer endurance and significant weight reduction.

Image: Tape Weaving Technology

The patented 0/90 and +/-45 Tape Weaving Technology allows us to weave spread tow tapes, so that we may produce thin plies with fibers in +/-45 or 0/90 orientations fully symmetrical in one layer. It also allows us to produce and supply thin plies with fibers in +/-45 or 0/90 orientations seamless in the length direction. This all leads to an optimized lay-up, material savings and increased mechanical performance.

TeXtreme® technology makes it possible to produce composite fabrics with ultra light and lasting performance.

Image: Oblique Fabric Technology. This proprietary innovation enables continuous-length production of novel fabrics by interlacing two sets of Spread Tow Tapes in different angles +α/-β