What is the potential for you?

Oxeon’s approach is that it should be easy and transparent to evaluate the potential of the thin-ply carbon diaphragms for those interested in the technology. We therefore offer a pre-study analysis. The first step of the pre-study analysis is to get a good understanding of how you want the speaker to sound and the diaphragm to behave. Perhaps you have a specific challenge or problem you would like to solve.

The pre-study analysis is simulation based meaning it is possible to get a good view of the potential performance quickly and efficiently. If the results from the pre-study analysis look interesting to you the next step can be sampling diaphragms to properly measure and listen to. And then of course take it all the way to an optimized thin-ply carbon diaphragm solution in volume production.

The flexibility of the technology allows a high degree of optimization to your specific requirements for truly tailored and unique solutions.

Would you like a pre-study analysis to see the potential for you, or do you have any questions, concerns or if we can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Martin Turesson
Head of Thin-Ply Carbon Diaphragms
Tel: +46 33 340 18 08