Meet us at Space Tech 2021!

Come meet us at Space Tech October 7-8, Long Beach, CA or have a look at our virtual booth.

We invite you to come talk to us about our newest spread tow technology, such as the VTOL technologies’ Flying Wing. The wing utilizes tree light weight versions of TeXtreme® from a variety of fibers such as Carbon®, Zylon® and Kevlar®. Also make sure to speak with us about our latest adventures as part of the Ingenuity helicopter that took flight on Mars in February 2021.

Check out our offer of +/45, 0/90 and UD product versions, that is uniquely designed for those looking to reduce weight, increase stiffness and strength, improve impact protection as well as enhance dampening performance in thin plies.

You are welcome to visit our virtual booth and if you wish to book a meeting in advance – please contact us!