TeXtreme® can be manufactured using many different materials but are mainly produced using HS, IM and HM type carbon fiber.



  • Lighter - weight savings
  • Top performance - stiffer & stronger
  • Get the right feel and control




The spreading process


Image: The novel spread process, from a carbon fiber tow into a thin UD tape. ©Oxeon 2014. 


The Spread Tow UD (Uni-Directional) tapes produced are much thinner than conventional carbon fiber tapes and have more material packed in the same area which gives better mechanical performance.



Spread Tow tapes

Image: Illustration of the benefits of the TeXtreme® Spread Tow carbon fiber tapes from conventional carbon fiber tapes . ©Oxeon 2014.


The Spread Tow tapes produced can either be used as they are as loal reinforcements etc. or used to weave the novel Spread Tow fabrics.



Tape weaving processImage: Illustration of the benefits of the TeXtreme® Spread Tow carbon fiber fabrics from conventional carbon fiber fabrics. ©Oxeon 2014. 


The patented TeXtreme® materials are then used by companies manufacturing composite products and is found in: Bicycles, Formula 1 cars, surf boards, golf shafts, ice hockey sticks, snowboards, skis and NASCAR, etc.

Read more about the different applications on the Inspiration page.


This are the basics in how TeXtreme® is produced, the reasons for its extreme performance and explanation of how using this material gives better products for consumers.




Image: Illustration of increased apparent strength by using thin plies. ©Oxeon 2014. 


By using TeXtreme® with its thin layers the maximum strength until breakage is more than twice as high when comparing with conventional carbon fiber fabrics.



The carbon fiber reinforcements produced can differ on a number of parameters which is considered when cooperating with brands to reach the desired results. 


Fiber types used:

  • High Strength (HS) carbon fiber
  • Intermediate Modulus (IM) carbon fiber
  • High Modulus (HM) carbon fiber


Adding other fibers such as Innegra®, Twaron®, Kevlar®, Dyneema® or Zylon®  in order to improve impact tolerance, varying the modulus within the fabric, and changing tape orientation are just a few of the ways to achieve the maximum benefits derived from TeXtreme®.


TeXtreme® is a composite material technology and is mainly produced using carbon fiber. We produce, develops and sell materials towards companies in various industries making composite products (a composite is mixture of two materials, for example carbon fiber and plastic).

TeXtreme® is made of carbon fiber yarns that we first spread into tapes and that we then weave in various ways to give it different benefits.

TeXtreme® are a novel type of materials, called Spread Tow reinforcements where the company behind the TeXtreme® brand, Oxeon is the market leader. Oxeon is a Swedish company founded in 2003.

TeXtreme® carbon fiber reinforcements is used in a large number of sports and competitions such as: Formula 1, Americas Cup, NASCAR, IndyCar, Le Mans, Bicycles, Ice Hockey, Surfing, Motorcycle, Rowing Shells, Golf, Tennis, Skis, and Snowboards. Alongside the Sporting Goods industry TeXtreme® is also used in a wide variety of Aerospace and Industrial applications.



TeXtreme® carbon fiber UD (Uni-Directional) tapes. ©Oxeon 2014.


TeXtreme® carbon fiber fabrics. ©Oxeon 2014.


The category Spread Tow reinforcements includes both Spread Tow tapes and Spread Tow fabrics products.