Tape Weaving


Tape Weaving

Thin plies give you the freedom to optimize the reinforcement design. At the same time this technology saves weight and reduces laminate thickness. Thin plies (<0,05 mm/layer) suppress or delay crack initiation in loaded composite structures. Thereby allowing for manufacturing of lighter, stiffer and more durable composite products.

Thin plies optimize your carbon fiber usage.

TeXtreme Technology is flexible and tow-size independent which allows the development of optimized reinforcement solutions, tailor-made for specific needs of the application. Without sacrificing rigidness or strength it also can improve impact tolerance as well as your surface smoothness. TeXtreme® is available in a wide variety of configurations.

Symmetrical bi-directional construction

Material Ply sequence No. of fiber layers to achieve symmetry
UD [+45/-45/ -45/+45] 4
NCF [NCF(+45/-45) / NCF(-45/+45)] 4
STF [TeXtreme® (+45/-45)] 2


Symmetrical quasi-isotropic construction


Material Ply sequence No. if fiber layers to achieve symmetry
UD [0/90/+45/-45/ -45/+45/90/0] 8
NCF [NCF(0/90/+45-45) / NCF(-45/+45/90/0)] 8
STF [TeXtreme®(0/90) / TeXtreme®(+45/-45) / TeXtreme®(0/90)] 6


Impact tolerance

The ply thickness of each separate layer is clearly connected to the strength of the composite part. The benefit achieved by thin TeXtreme® Spread Tow reinforcements compared to the apparent strength is illustrated above.

Combining the weight savings possible from the optimal fiber structure with the thin nature of Spread Tow reinforcements renders a performance that no other composite reinforcement can match.