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TeXtreme® by Oxeon AB

Oxeon is a research-based material company that develops, produces, and sells extremely thin carbon fiber materials. Founded in 2003, the company is now a leading player in the field of spread tow thin ply reinforcements, and the material is marketed under the brand name TeXtreme®. In applications where TeXtreme® is used, customers achieve higher mechanical performance and significantly reduced weight. Today, our fabrics are used in many areas, such as aviation, industrial, and sports applications.

Oxeon holds several material and technology patents and together with its property fiber spreading technology, Oxeon offers spread tow thin ply reinforcements in woven 0/90, woven +/-45, UD (Uni-directional) and DFC (Discontinuous Fiber Composites). Focusing on ultra-light weight materials TeXtreme® is offered in weights from 20 g/m2. TeXtreme® Technology is flexible and tow-size independent, which enables development of optimized reinforcement solutions custom made for your specific application needs.

Oxeon has high growth ambitions, and financially strong owners in Investment AB Latour, Chalmers Ventures and more.

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The TeXtreme statement

Oxeon develop, produce and sell optimized spread tow reinforcement solutions - TeXtreme® - to customers with a need for ultra lightweight, high performance and high quality advanced composites products that last.

Our vision

Position TeXtreme® as the number one partner for ultra light products.

Our mission

To make our customers products ultra light and durable by advanced carbon reinforcement technology.

Our corporate values

Driven – we are doers. Respectful – we show respect. Curious – we ask and we invent.

Transform your products with TeXtreme

Elevate performance across industries with
ultra-light composites and discover the difference.

Innovations and Industry News

Dive into our latest news for insights, innovations, and breakthroughs shaping the future of TeXtreme and beyond.

TeXtreme will be at CAMX, San Diego 9-12 September, 2024
12, June 2024

TeXtreme will be at CAMX, San Diego 9-12 September, 2024

TeXtreme will be at CAMX Composites and Adcanced material Expo in San Diego, USA 9-12 September 2024! Visit us at booth NN6 and explore the impact...

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White paper
24, March 2024

White paper "Composites Science & Technology" - Analysis of thin tow-based DFCs

Strength analysis and failure prediction of thin tow-based discontinuous composite - "Composites Science and Technology" / January 2024 Vol. 245

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22, March 2024

"Composites Weekly" - interview with Florence Moreau

Tune in to the Composites Weekly webcast to discover the boundless flexibility that TeXtreme 360° offers for ultra-light composites.

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