Our commitment for a more sustainable future


We are committed to sustainability

At Textreme, sustainability is at the core of our mission, guiding how we source materials, design products, and interact with our communities. We prioritize eco-friendly materials and processes, aiming to minimize our environmental footprint while fostering a circular economy. Our commitment extends beyond environmental stewardship; we innovate relentlessly to ensure our operations and products not only reduce harm but also contribute positively to our planet and its inhabitants.

We embrace innovation as a pathway to a greener future, implementing cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices that set new standards in our industry. Through collaborations with partners, customers, and suppliers, we amplify our impact, driving collective action towards sustainable development. Textreme is not just about doing less harm; it's about doing more good, empowering communities, and leading by example in the transition to a more sustainable world.

Our journey is ongoing, and every step we take is aimed at creating lasting value for both the planet and our stakeholders. Join us as we move forward, committed to making a difference and inspiring change for a sustainable future.


ARK Carbon blades x TeXtreme

ARK, a world-leading swimrun brand, has developed state of the art swimrun padles using TeXtreme spread tow thin ply carbon fabric

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The TeXtreme statement

We develop, produce and sell optimized spread tow reinforcement ultra lightweight, high performance and high quality advanced composites products that last.

Our vision

Position TeXtreme® as the number one partner for ultra light products.

Our mision

To make our customers products ultra light and durable by advanced carbon reinforcement technology.

Our corporate value

Driven – we are doers. Respectful – we show respect. Curious – we ask and we invent.

Transform your products with TeXtreme

Elevate performance across industries with ultra-light composites and discover the difference.

Innovations and Industry News

Dive into our latest news for insights, innovations, and breakthroughs shaping the future of TeXtreme and beyond.

White paper
24, March 2024

White paper "Composites Science & Technology" - Analysis of thin tow-based DFCs

Strength analysis and failure prediction of thin tow-based discontinuous composite - "Composites Science and Technology" / January 2024 Vol. 245

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22, March 2024

"Composites Weekly" - interview with Florence Moreau

Tune in to the Composites Weekly webcast to discover the boundless flexibility that TeXtreme 360° offers for ultra-light composites.

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TeXtreme will be at Sampe Conference & Exhibition 21-22 of May
21, March 2024

TeXtreme will be at Sampe Conference & Exhibition 21-22 of May

Meet us at Sampe Conference & Exhibition in Long Beach, CA - 21-22 May 2024

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