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For 15 years we have worked as partners together with our customers, learned about their challenges and helped them with efficient composite solutions. Thanks to this experience, we have become advanced carbon composite experts – from design to manufacturing- and are focused on helping you hit your targets and move your organization to the top.

TeXtreme® can optimize the ultra light performance in numerous applications, from consumer electronics to automotive. Considering cost targets, energy savings, mechanical performance, process efficiency, desired weight and surface smoothness our solutions achieves what you need.

We make it work

We have been working with  a wide variety of large multinational companies, SMEs as well as academia within the industrial segment and proved that our engineering team find the optimal solution for many different application needs. By this TeXtreme® has developed a comprehensive portfolio of industry expertise, with a global network of experts of industry and application, many of whom have faced the same challenges you do today.

Besides project management, calculation/simulation and reinforcement design we can also support to identify suitable prepreggers, resin suppliers and composite manufacturers for serial production and start up support. Over the years we have built up an extensive network of global composite manufacturers who handles volumes from 100 to 1 000 000 parts/year.

Make TeXtreme® your choice and you will get ultra light advanced composite products that last.

Transform your products with TeXtreme

Elevate performance across industries with ultra-light composites and discover the difference.

TeXtreme for Industrial

Better mechanical performance and meeting or exceeding weight targets.



TeXtreme technology revolutionizes the automotive industry by integrating lightweight, durable composite materials, enhancing vehicle performance through better fuel efficiency, increased strength, and improved safety features. This innovation supports the development of more environmentally friendly vehicles with reduced emissions, offering a sustainable solution to meet the evolving standards of automotive design and manufacturing.

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TeXtreme technology propels the marine segment forward by employing lightweight, durable composite materials, optimizing boat performance through enhanced speed, maneuverability, and fuel efficiency. This innovation contributes to more sustainable marine operations by reducing emissions and increasing the longevity of vessels, addressing the industry's need for environmental responsibility and operational efficiency.

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Wind energy

TeXtreme technology advances wind energy by incorporating lightweight, durable composite materials in wind turbine blade construction, enhancing efficiency and power generation. This innovation enables turbines to operate more effectively in varying wind conditions, extending lifespan and reducing maintenance costs, thereby supporting the global shift towards sustainable energy solutions.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Deserunt exercitationem esse eaque velit.

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We understand the importance of making informed decisions when it comes to selecting the right materials for your projects. That's why our team of expert consultants is always on standby, ready to assist you with any questions you might have about TeXtreme.

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ARK Carbon blades x TeXtreme

ARK, a world-leading swimrun brand, has developed state of the art swimrun padles using TeXtreme spread tow thin ply carbon fabric

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