UD Tape


TeXtreme Spread Tow
Uni-Directional Tape


Spread Tow UD

Spread Tow Uni-Directional Tape produced by spreading tows of many different types of carbon fibers, and/or other high-performance fibers into thin flat tapes with a flexible width.

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Spread Tow UD - Reactive Binder

Spread Tow Uni-Directional tapes produced by spreading tows of many different types of fibers with a flexible width and prepregged with an epoxy resin system so as to reach low resin contents on ultra-light reinforcements.

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Gapped UD

Dry unidirectional reinforcement which includes well controlled gaps, specifically developed for resin infusion processes with proven UD-prepreg performance.

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ARK Carbon blades x TeXtreme

ARK, a world-leading swimrun brand, has developed state of the art swimrun padles using TeXtreme spread tow thin ply carbon fabric

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