UAV/Air mobility

TeXtreme® has much experience with airborne applications, and we have always seen the potential of the material as a vital part of taking us higher and further than we have ever been. From HAPS—a solar powered unmanned aircraft for stratospheric telecommunications—to airplane applications, UAV´s and wind power kites. You can find TeXtreme® in all sorts of airborne applications around the globe—and beyond.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Lower the weights of your airborne applications – we have the products


20 years of collaborations with UAV and air mobility companies has given us a deep knowledge of the best fiber compositions and applications to increase mechanical performance, and to have the absolute highest weight savings in most applications over 20 %.

Our products will also attain greater rigidity as well as increased strength. You also get improved impact tolerance, superior surface smoothness and a probable reduced labor cost.


Members of the NASA Mars Helicopter team inspect the flight model
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

HAPS – High-Altitude Platform Systems
Credit: NASA/Carla Thomas


Our experience

TeXtreme® is a vital part of many airborne applications. Its weight savings—in addition to supreme rigidness, impact tolerance and superior surface smoothness—is a coveted property that the TeXtreme-team has unprecedented expertise in. This has led to an amazing number of applications that are at the absolute top of their respective fields. From HAPS Mobile’s solar powered unmanned aircraft for stratospheric telecommunications, to VTOL Technologies’ flying wing designed for advanced drone delivery to the Ingenuity Mars helicopter that is able to fly and explore in the harsh conditions of Mars.