Onix Pickleball releases the all new OUTBREAK paddle with TeXtreme® Technology
8, April 2019


Acknowledging the increasing demand for innovation in the sport of pickleball, Onix Pickleball has released their new OUTBREAK paddle   featuring a graphite face reinforced by TeXtreme® Technology.  Onix is the first brand to use TeXtreme® Spread Tow carbon fiber fabrics in the fast growing Pickleball market.

By using TeXtreme®, Onix has been able to improve durability over models made from traditional UD construction. This is possible as the interlacing that is created between the lengthwise tapes and the widthwise tapes as a result of the weaving process does an excellent job of dispersing the force of impact of the ball is dispersed throughout the face of the paddle.

When compared to paddles that use traditional woven carbon fiber fabrics, the carbon fibers in TeXtreme® spread tow fabrics remain straighter thereby improving the stiffness across the entire face of the paddle. The result is less paddle flex which improves the playability.