0/90 Carbon - Reactive Binder

0/90 Carbon - Reactive Binder
0/90 Carbon - Reactive Binder
0/90 Carbon - Reactive Binder

0/90 Carbon - Reactive Binder

TeXtreme® 0/90 fabrics are produced using two Spread Tow UD tapes as warp and weft in a weave. TeXtreme® 0/90 Spread Tow carbon fabrics are available in weights from 42 gsm and in widths from 1.0 meter. 

The Reactive Binder reinforcements allow ultra-light weight reinforcements, such as Spread Tow products, to be prepregged with low resin contents.  

The Reactive Binder is mostly suitable for ultra-low fiber areal weight reinforcements, e.g. sub 100 gsm, where low resin contents are requested. It can also be an enabler for ultra-low resin contents on any reinforcement areal weight.  

The Reactive Binder has an outlife of 12 months at room temperature so refridgeration is not required for shipment or storage. It enables layups of larger, more time-consuming structures that normally are limited by a prepregs outlife. It can be repeatably heated to elevated temperatures (max 80°C) for simpler draping and/or pre-stacking without ageing.  

The Reactive Binder is an epoxy resin system with minimum 150°C cure temperature. It can be used as the matrix itself on various TeXtreme® reinforcements or as a binder using subsequent prepregging process or liquid resin composite manufacturing.  

ARK Carbon blades x TeXtreme

ARK, a world-leading swimrun brand, has developed state of the art swimrun padles using TeXtreme spread tow thin ply carbon fabric

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