TeXtreme® reinforces ultra-light bike shoe from Giro


Giro Sport Design, the cycling world’s design leader, uses TeXtreme® carbon fiber to create the new Prolight Techlace, an industry leading road bike shoe with a weight under 150 grams.

“By using TeXtreme® in the carbon fiber outsole, we were able to achieve substantial weight savings of 22% while still maintaining the required stiffness.” says Simon Fisher, Giro Footwear Product Manager. “We partnered with the engineers at TeXtreme® and leaned on their composites expertise to select the proper solution and implement it by providing in-factory support through both the prototyping and production process”.

TeXtreme® Technology differs from conventional carbon fiber materials due to its innovative production methods using Spread Tows instead of yarns to produce a fabric with an optimized fiber structure. Its longstanding presence in the winner’s circle throughout many sports worldwide, serves as proof to its lightweight and performance benefits.

In addition to the use of TeXtreme® in the bicycling industry, this innovative technology is widely used in Formula 1, NASCAR and America’s Cup racing, as well as in the manufacture of golf clubs, tennis racquets, hockey sticks, surfboards, rowing shells, skis, and snowboards. TeXtreme® is also in high demand for various industrial and advanced aerospace applications.

The Prolight Techlace will make its official debut at 2017 Tour de France.

About Giro Sport Design
Founded in Santa Cruz, California, in 1985, Giro Sport Design develops new ideas to enhance the Ride. From the first lightweight, high-performance helmets for cycling and snowsports, to apparel that reimagines what sportswear can be, Giro maintains a strong focus on creating products that enhance the feeling of freedom and independence that are at the core of a rider’s experience. As a leader in the design, fit and engineering of products that complement the body, Giro is the first choice of riders worldwide. Learn more at giro.com